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On these pages I wish to share with you my  pilgrimage through life  using Art as an expression of my Heart and Soul.

Creating images was the first area , where I learned about the Joy of making the Invisible Visible and not judging my own work

It took me 44 years , the Book ‘Drawing with Children : a creative teaching and learning method that works for adults’ by Mona Brookes and my two  children as co-creators to get to this point of creating just  for FUN

There is a lot of literature about the Sacred Art of making mandalas and as a psychologist I am familiar with the way Jung used it in his therapies.

Jung Quote

The softness and power  of the shape of a Circle has always intrigued and attracted me. From a tipi to the Void itself… it reveals  secrets that words cannot convey.

Making  peoples Soul Mandalas  that translate their unique sound and light vibrations into form has become my passion

and I share what others said about them.